Leave or MC?


Susan applied 3 days of annual leave – specifically on 25th, 26th  and 27th of May 2016. She fell sick on May 27th and visited the doctor where she was provided a medical certificate.

When Susan returned to work on May 30th, she sent an enquiry to the HR department regarding the  replacing of annual leave with a medical leave.


According to Ministry of Manpower (MOM) employment practices, although Susan was granted medical leave by her doctor, she is not entitled for paid medical leave during her annual leave.

It was further stated that it is up to the discretion of her company’s labour policy as to whether her annual leave can be replaced with medical leave. Note that even though the consultation occurred during her annual leave, Susan is eligible for reimbursement of her medical consultation fees.


For more information on MOM employment practices, please refer to the MOM website.

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